Hey, moody people?  If you want to improve your mood relax under the sunlight a little.

Did you know that sunlight increases Serotonin levels in our body?   This is what we call ‘Happiness Hormones’.  

Serotonin keeps us from feeling low energy, depression, feeling irritable & tense and even prevents us from having negative thoughts.  So next time you feel this way, get some sun!

Low serotonin levels can also make you crave those sweets…  

Vitamin D is also triggered naturally in our body when sunlight hits our skin.  Most people know this as the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’.  Vitamin D helps protect us against inflammation and it even lowers high blood pressure. 

I know this sounds funny but if you can sunbath, do so because you can get better sleep, stronger bones, boost your immune system and just feel happy.

Make sure you don’t over expose yourself and wear at least an SPF30 to keep you from burning out there, or wear something with zinc to protect your skin.  

This was short but to the point.  Hope you enjoyed!

Cheers all!

Christine Marie

4 Coments

  1. Elizabeth Ayala says:

    Wow, I did not know how much Vitamin D plays an important role in our lives. I need to order some Vitamin D pills! Thank you Christine.

  2. Lisa Rodriguez says:

    I am going to use this as an excuse to take a vacation to Palm Springs to lay out by the pool and sunbathe!

  3. Jessica Williams says:

    I totally enjoyed reading this post. I know I can catch myself being moody at times so now I know when I am feeling that way, I should go out and get some sunlight to help with my moodiness. Haha!

  4. Amanda Smith says:

    Wow, very interesting. I did not know that. I will definitely be adding more sunlight in my life , especially having to work from home. I am inside all day. I need to really take a break and take a walk in some sunlight!

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