Aging is tough!  Especially when we have those nasty wrinkles that can sometimes make us look older than what we truly are.  

As for me, I don’t care for wrinkles anywhere on my face but perhaps there is something more we can do without having to entertain a facelift.    

Well, there is!  It’s called Botox!  

I wouldn’t suggest getting Botox anywhere else on the face except for the crows-feet and forehead.  It’s a slight change but you can definitely see the younger looking skin you would be proud of.   I’ve been getting Botox injections for twenty years now and I always get compliments on my skin.  Of course we still need to work on texture and keep our skin healthy but the Botox is an amazing add on.  

I hate to say this but when I see my girlfriends with wrinkles on their forehead I kinda like to talk them into making the change.  When they do, they love it!  When you look younger you feel younger and happy.  

Maybe to some this might sound pretentious but seriously, don’t you want to look younger without having to pay a pretty penny? 

There are several ways to counter wrinkles to include Botox, Dysport and Xeomin but the best I’ve encountered and loved for years is the Botox.  It seems to last longer than the others.  What Botox does is block the nerves that contract muscles.  It softens the appearance of wrinkles.  I’ve seen my wrinkles disappear and I usually get the injections every seven months or so… 

I would not suggest the injections to be done on your mouth area since it freezes the skin and you would basically look like, I hate to say this, a monkey. 

Botox runs about $300 to $700 depending on how much is needed but for those who first start off its at the lower range.  Make sure you talk with the nurse or doctor prior to the treatment so you understand the process.  

Sometimes light bruises show and sometimes bumps will last a few days but mostly it is just a little red and it goes away within a few hours.  Some professionals use numbing cream if you ask ahead of time.  Plan to see results within 3 – 15 days.

Enjoy your younger looking skin!

Christine Marie

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