So how do you feel about slightly removing the top layers of your facial skin?  I think like wow, yes take it off!  But why Dermaplaning? 

I love the fact that this treatment can remove fine lines and deep acne scarring but to top it off it can smooth your skin like never before.  

The process will last about a good two to three weeks until you need another treatment.  When you put your makeup on post treatment, you will see how much more smooth the foundation or powder glides onto your skin.  It’s amazing and gives you a more radiant youthful look.  I have not done this myself but I have friends who do this on a monthly base.  I will be setting up my appointment once I find a professional I can trust and let you know my own results.  

The treatment is used with an exfoliating blade to skim the dead skin cells and hair (peach fuzz) from your face.  Some say that their skin actually brightens up after the hair is removed and that makes sense.   Whats great about this is that your hair does not grow back thicker, yippee! 

Its also about finding the right professional when it comes to Dermaplaning because there could be a risk of side effects (slight redness and/or whiteheads) especially if the professional digs a little deeper than others, for instance a dermatologist.  Infection and scarring are rare but do occur, so make sure you have great references and reviews on who you decide on treating you with Dermaplaning.

Christine Marie

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  1. Debra Weaver says:

    this is amazing to read, thank you Christine.

    1. Christine says:

      Thank you Debra. We appreciate your comment. Christine Marie

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