Keeping up with a good immune system take a bit of work.  I for one do not believe in the Flu Shot but many do.  Keep in mind that the shot may get you sick and you may go through the same symptoms as not having it.

I am going to share with you a few tips to prevent yourself from getting really sick.  And, a recipe that works right out of your kitchen.

So, my family keeps our immune system up by of course taking a lot of VITAMIN C.  I personally use the ORANGE airborne, it doesn’t seem to be the same with the other flavors.  I do this maybe once every few days with my vitamins.  

Vitamins are important.  If you are taking a One-a-day vitamin please make sure you do enough research on it to make sure it actually stays in your system and doesn’t flush out at the end of the day.  Vitamins we take in our household is NEW CHAPTER.  You can look them up online and they sell them on Amazon if you can’t find them in stores near you.  These vitamins have helped my immune system for the past five years.  I use to get really sick if someone just sneezed on me, it was really low.  

Try these the second you feel something coming!

Make sure you have a bottle of the Wellness Formula in your home.These are amazing!  They are to be swallowed and we use the tablets vs. the capsules.  Horrible taste when they go down your throught so drink them with something you like.  You might even burp them up really bad but they work!   Take three morning and night each day you are feeling your immune system is being attacked.  You can’t take them day after day though because they are harsh on your stomach but again, they work!  You will see a difference within days. 

Okay, now for the simple IMMUNE BUILDING RECIPE- Especially for a HARSH COUGH and Sore Throat… 


3 red onions chopped up small

3 lemons squeezed with peel & cut emon zest

3 limes squeezed with peel & cut lime zest

4 oranges squeezed with peel & cut orange zest

hand full of garlic minced, I mean a lot

1 cinnamon stick

Honey – after its made

I like to add organic orange juice vs. the water

Fill the pot up with the orange juice or water but only to the line of where the items set, maybe a little under.  If you put too much water, the juice will not be potent enough.  

Boil it covered for about 20 minutes, then simmer for another 20 minutes.  Strain it and serve hot with honey in it.  This should give you about two (2) cups.  Do NOT save it in the refrigerator, it can only be used fresh.  I promise you, you will feel so much better.

BE WELL my followers!

Christine Marie

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  1. Isabella Cortez says:

    Omg I’ve heard of this tea! My mother in law makes this tea when we are sick or feel like we’re getting sick… sounds very gross but actually works!!!

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