Winter season is coming!  And, it looks like Fall is starting out with lower temperatures, which means cold weather.  Cold weather, dry skin!

With harsh winds and dry indoor air we get the moisture sucked out where it leaves us with dry, cracked and scaly skin. I can’t handle having cracked scaly skin on my face when I put makeup on.  You’re probably thinking like me and want your skin smooth!

Lets talk a little about hydrating our skin 


Use a delicate cleanser for every day and night.  Do not use a cleanser that has harsh ingredients that may cause irritation and make you flake.  Remember, your skin may already be irritated due to the weather.  You may want to stay away from Glycolic Acid exfoliants or AHA’s since they are too drying in the winter time.  If you have a regimen that requires this type of exfoliant cleanser, try using it only once a week during this time. 


Algae Exfoliating is important!  The exfoliant helps to remove dead skin cells and gives you a refreshing feel underneath the top layer of skin.  It’s basically considered cellular turnover and will help your skin to absorb your skincare products intensely. Use an exfoliant once a week during the winter.  You will definitely see a difference.  Keep in mind that Algae can stabilize moisture in the skin.  


An Enzyme Pumpkin Mask is always the best during these months. It keeps your skin nourished, moisturized, glowing and its filled with vitamins and minerals.  It also has  good for you fats and seeds.  


If you can try and find a Soothing Serum to help stimulate and sooth your sensitive complexion by reducing inflammation due to dry flakey skin on your face.  There are some great products out there that can be used before you add your last step which is the SPF30.  Yes, you need to have protection against the weather and sunlight that comes with it. 

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