Not sure what you use on your skin to look younger, as for me, I love to mix Vitamin C in my skincare regimen because its a potent antioxidant and it neutralizes free radicals.  Kind of giving you a glow and healthy look on your skin.

Did you know that Vitamin C helps the skin’s natural regenerating process, which helps our body repair damaged skin cells (free radicals).  Free radicals damage the skin’s DNA and it speeds up the aging process which none of us want.  This process is called the ‘Free radical theory of Aging’.  Yuk!

Not only does Vitamin C help us look younger, its interesting to know that it also helps lighten ‘hyper-pigmentation and brown spots.  You know, those spots that make us look a lot older than what we are… And it also inhibits melanin production for even-ing out skin tone and brightness.  Cool right?

Make sure when you purchase a Vitamin C serum that it has pure ascorbic acid since its the most effective at penetrating the skins barrier and increases levels within the skin.  As an antioxidant, it helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and as mentioned also promotes even skin tone.  And as we age, Vitamin C aids the body in the production of collagen, which we need to prevent loose or sagging skin.  

It’s cool to know that Vitamin C also is renowned for protecting the skin from UVA and UVB damage.  This vitamin does so much for us inside and out.  Its amazing to see what this vitamin does and how we can use it in many different ways.

I hope you liked this short blog.


Christine Marie

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