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Consider ICUskin as an extension of your marketing team. We provide an interactive marketing platform that extends to online customers nationwide.

Our customers are rewarded with a 15% discount in our e-commerce shop for choosing your business over competitors when they find a service, product, or location from our FINDER locator. Purchases are direct and only a click away. Not only do our customers find your business in our site, we also provide up-to-date relevant, engaging, and newsworthiness information in the beauty and wellness industry.

Extending this offer to businesses in the beauty & wellness industry.

It’s easy!

  1. Purchase an automated $10 a month ad with one of our representatives. The ad will be placed in our FINDER  locator so our customers can find your business and view what you provide. Your ad will be placed in each category you provide.
  2. It’s about providing an experience to our customers; each month in our contests customers will have an opportunity to win some amazing gift cards provided by our sponsors, to entice more customers to visit our site. The more visitors, the better for you!
  3. We donate a portion of our revenue to the ‘Proyecto Happy Heart’ movement, who provides warmth, hair cuts, and more to the homeless in Los Angeles, provided by ICUskin on behalf of our partners. We will have additional charities to choose from in the near future.
  4. We randomly choose a brand partner along with a photo to be featured on our site. Interview by Savana McGregor.
  5. Highlighted brief information of your brand or business in our FINDER  locator.
  6. Our social media platforms, events and contests attract customers who are only interested in the beauty & wellness industry.
  7. You have the option to donate a gift-card for our monthly contests, where you are featured. This is posted an entire month on social media platforms to entice customers to check out your business.
  8. Customers will have an option to link to your website for direct purchases or services.
  9. We provide paid Facebook ads to entice new customers to check out ICUskin. The more we are viewed, the more you are viewed!
  10. Your location and website will be added into our FINDER  locator for customers to find you, and in more places than one should you offer additional services, on our site.


We look forward to partnering with you and helping you grow your revenue. Once you click, SIGN UP NOW , you will receive a form to fill out so we get to know more about your business. Once that is final, you purchase the $10 a month automated fee and you are set!