Beautify Your Life!

Become a Brand Partner for only $10 a month if your Business is related to Beautifying the life of someone. It can be remodeling a home, a spa, a coach of any sort, a cosmetic professional, balloon company, retail, food, creator of art… Basically anything that brightens up someone’s life.

Our Founder Christine Marie was really tired of large corporations charging almost half the revenue of a Small Business just for promoting. Many businesses don’t have the time or money to hire people to

Finally a Resolution!

Here at icuskin FINDER, we appreciate your business! We made it our goal to help you promote and bring in New Clients. We know it’s not easy to market if you do not have the experience or background. We also know it’s costly and time consuming to promote your name.

icuskin FINDER does not believe in Social Media 100%, especially these days. We like to think ‘Old School’ when it comes to marketing. Our promise to you is to bring in users, New Clients to our site and FIND you!

How we promote icuskin FINDER is by marketing one-on-one, presentations to Resorts, Concierges, Organizations and Groups, events, referrals and so forth- in the area.

Our cute V-tee-shirts are created with Beautify Your Life, Support Small Businesses’ so that we can leave a memorable long lasting Brand in the minds of many. Wearing these tee-shirts allows our name to get out in public without us being there. We also encourage our Brand Partners to wear it and take a photo so we can promote our FINDER and the Small Business.

We look forward to partnering with you!
Christine Marie, Founder

An automated $10 a month provides your business a Web Page created by us, a Voucher and
Promotional Marketing.