Detoxification Rejuvinating Body Cleanse


Detoxification Rejuvinating Body Cleanse by m’lis

The secret to better health is to cleanse your body! It has been estimated that 95% of all disease begins in a toxic body. In addition, a weak immune system exacerbates any health problem. The M’lis Detoxification Program is a complete internal process that purifies the liver, bowels, kidneys and blood, while cleaning all tissues of the body. This total body program is the first step in reversing the ourse of hroni health conditions, enhancing beauty, and is an important part o a regular health maintenance and prevention regimen.


Directions: 7 Day Detoxification.

STEP 1 – Prep 2 days

STEP 2 – Liquid Only

STEP 3 – Reintroducing

Preparation: For 2 days you will ease into the full detoxification, preparing your body with a totally clean, solid food diet and detoxification herb regimen.

Liquid-Only Detoxification: For 3 days your body will focus on one task, cleansing toxins. Your diet will consist of the lemon mixture and herbal suppliments.

Rentroducing Foods: For 2 days you will reintroduce your body to clean solid food and finish the detoxification with the herbal suppliment regimen.

This is a dedicated detoxification program for one week.  You will definitely see results! This is great for people struggling with fatigue, weight issues, digestive problems and irregularity, cravings, addictions, mood swings, anxiety, depression, low resistance to illness, allergies, asthma, skin disorders, and headaches.

IMPORTANT: Consult your Physician if you are: presently under his/her care, are on prescribed medication, pregnant or lactating, 65+ years young.  Especially if you are obese, have heard or cardiovascular conditions, kidney disease, diabetes, hypoglycemia, gout, or chronic infections or any other type of serious medical condition.


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