Universal Cleansing Oil ***



  • Very Effective way to Remove Makeup
  • Breakdown Soft and Hard Oil, Dirt and Makeup Deposits in the Skin
  • Great for Sensitive Skin
  • Gently Rolls Away Surface Dead Skin Cells
  • Prevents Dehydration, Nourishes and Soothes all Skin Types
  • 6 fl oz.


Our silky cleansing oil was formulated for any skin type, including oily skin. As Jojoba, almond and botanical oils nourish and protect skin; they also draw excess oil to ensure that you aintain a luscious balance. This non-comedegenic cleanser effortlessly removes makeup, dirt and impurities while, preventing both acne and dry skin conditions.

Performance Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, CoEnzyme 10, Retinyl Palmitate, Vitamins A and E

Directions: Apply cleansing oil to a dry face with dry hands or a washcloth. Massage into skin, and then add water to emulsify and break down oil. Rinse well to remove oil residue.


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