Emotion Potions

Emotion Potions

Address: Palm Desert

Website: itisinthebottle.com

Phone: 760-333-5347

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Victoria Wood – Kooyenga
Essence Creator & Massage Therapist

Imagine having your own blend of flower essence created just for you. The blends which are created in working to balance our mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies. When taken, our perspective can change on any given matter and transform our negative thought patterns into positive ones as we raise our consciousness levels to help bring us back into balance.

The flowers I work with come from different parts of the world and once the blend is created for you, expect peace, harmony and balance in your life. I also provide energy massage therapy to help heal your physical being. Enhance the massage with a blend of health and abundance you deserve. Please mention the blend prior to the energy work.

Flower Essence created just for you!