The Body Deli

Margaret Skarin Clark &
David Anton Parker

Address: Palm Desert


Phone: 760.340.3731

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THE BODY DELI is the pioneer in fresh, organic, raw superfood enhanced personal care products.

Two Cosmetic Chefs, Margaret Skarin Clark and David Anton Parker, created this brand in the beautiful resort towns of Palm Desert and Palm Springs, California in 2001.

Two “foodies” with an extensive background in nutrition, raw food, wellness, and beauty, envisioned a personal care brand so different, so fresh, and unique that they started making their own healthy skincare products. Their special method is a process similar to crafting fresh juices and smoothies in a high-end Organic Juice Bar.

“Fresh Food for the Skin” was the concept! Since then they have evolved a global brand committed and dedicated to providing the absolute purest alternative for nourishing the face, body and hair.

Celebrities, fashion designers, Fortune 500 leaders and health-conscious people have fallen in love with The Body Deli’s unique, effective and wonderful creations. And, so will you!