I’ve had spider and varicose veins for years.  I bet most of my readers have them somewhere on their body, some on the lower back of your legs, face, ankles and hands.  Fortunately we have specialist who provide options in ridding those nasty dark blue and red lines on our body.

It’s nice to know its an Easy-Peasy Treatment which only takes minutes to rid.  Depending on your vein challenge, you can determine what is best for you!

Luckily, there are two options for you to choose from. 

One being Sclerotherapy which allows the vein surgeon to typically inject a foam sclerosant to treat the large varicose veins, as liquid sclerosants do not fill the space of the large vein and do not last as long.  This is what I personally have done in the past and prefer this procedure due to magical RESULTS!

The other option is Laser therapy which is mostly used for spider veins on your face, ankles, and anywhere the thinner veins haunt you.  It’s amazing to see the results of lines disappearing.

I have done the laser in the past.  It’s simple and great for those who hate needles and have the thinner-smaller lines.  The laser uses a light energy to irritate the vein and causes it to close up and disappear. 

Which ever option you decide on, either way is an easy procedure using injections or laser.  It’s an in-office procedure and you are out within a half hour.  You can do your normal stuff the day after and be free of these veins!

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are referred by someone who had experience with the doctor and not someone who has worked for the doctor or is marketing for the doctor because they may not be selling you what you truly want and need, unless you personally know them.

The procedure is usually priced at about $300 to $900.  It’s not expensive and you get incredible results.  Feel free to contact us should you have questions.

Be free!

Christine Marie

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