Hi guys!  Most people already know this but I’m going to remind you how Sunlight plays a big part of our daily lives.  For instance, did you know that when sunlight hits the skin it triggers the body’s production of Vitamin D?  The sunlight and Vitamin D protects us against inflammation, improves our brain function and lowers high blood pressure.  How amazing is that?  Remember how you feel when you lay out at the pool or beach?  We might not really think about it at the time but most likely you felt really good and more confident not only from your tan but also from the Sunlight.  Hummmm…. Think about it.

Sunshine (Vitamin D) is so important to our well-being and plays a big part of our daily lives in so many ways… Your immune system is boosted, you have a reduced risk of cancer, it improves your mood, improves your sleep, your bones are healthier, it helps heals skin disorders and don’t forget all I mentioned above.

So take that walk, sit in the sun, get out and enjoy the sun rays on your skin so you can feel good.  Of course we suggest you always have your SPF30 Sunscreen with Zinc.

Feel Amazing!  Feel Beautiful!

Cheers, Christine Marie

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