I first heard about this strange technique about 2 years ago from my sister, Shahaila. She is a huge hippie! She hates chemicals and is always down to try new holistic treatments for skin & wellness. When she showed me this strange tiny torture device, I couldn’t help but be intrigued.

So what IS derma rolling?

Derma Rolling, involves a derma roller. Picture a small hand held wheel with tiny needles around it.

In an ever-so-gentle way, the needles are rolled onto the top layer of your skin. These invisible puncture “wounds” send a message to the brain, to REPAIR the skin, and to induce collagen production! This is supposed to feel like pin-pricks, but it is not supposed to HURT.

Any abrasion to the skin, causes the body to send out its wound repair team, to repair the “damage”, utilizing your body’s own ability to heal itself. What this does for the skin and face is create new cells and increases elastin and collagen production, therefore REJUVENATING the skin!

This hot new trend basically works the same way as lasers do. The only difference being that derma rolling is done mechanically, instead of with heat or light.

Derma Rolling  has a long list of benefits: It can shrink pores, tighten loose skin, and reverse sun damage and melasma! And these tiny punctures can also help your skin absorb any products that you apply topically.

If you have acne scars, it can help reduce scaring dramatically! Most of the amazing reviews I have read have been for people that claim that their Dermaroller totally healed their scaring!

However, if you have active acne, do not use the roller because it could spread bacteria and cause an outbreak.

Derma Rolling is a very cost-effective way to get your skin to heal itself. You can purchase your own Dermaroller for around $30 and can be done at home. A variation of the procedure can be done by a trained esthetician using a DermaPen and runs about $250.

If you’ve had success with Derma Rolling, SHARE your before and after photos with info@icuskin.com

Written By; Savana McGregor for ICUskin

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