I am always down to try most things related to health and wellness. Taking 30 minutes out of your day to relax, is to LOVE yourself. In this blog, I’m discussing a type of relaxation that most people have never heard of. The Ancient Korean Tradition of the V-Steam, is actually hundreds of years old and has many health benefits. Yes, I said V-Steam. DON’T BE SHOCKED, we are going to be talking about “The V” in today’s blog.

So last month I tried a thing…a V-Steam! You’re probably wondering “What in the world is a V-Steam?” Well a V-Steam, Bajo, Yoni Steam, or Uterine Steam Bath, is an ancient Korean treatment that provides a steam facial for the vagina to release toxins, soothe menstrual cramps, and aid in fertility.  Yes I know, this isn’t your average hoity toity spa treatment. But it sounded appealing to me! To HERBALLY relax your vagina, I mean come on, who wouldn’t enjoy that?!

Before my first V-Steam, I had a lot of high expectations on how it would totally improve my cycles, cramps, and especially my mood. I was ready for a game changer. And let me tell you my friends, my first V-Steam did not disappoint!

One of the main medicinal herbs that is used in the V- Steam is Mugwort.

According to American Cancer Society, Mugwort helps heal stomach and intestinal disorders, including cramps, menopausal and menstrual complaints, and also with infertility. This healing herb stimulates the production of hormones in order to maintain uterine health, and it protects the uterus from ulcers and tumors!

Mugwort also contains natural antibiotics and anti-fungal properties and keeps your skin looking young and healthy, if you know what I mean. Along with the Mugwort, other herbs like Wormwort, Lavender, Calendula, Rose, and Basil, are steamed together for a heavenly detoxifying session.

So how is it done? During the treatment, you sit on a chair that has a hole in the center. The chair is placed over the blend of steaming herbs. You will wear a robe or a drape to trap in the steam, while the steam delivers the herbal medicine straight to the source. Then you sit there and relax for about 30-45 minutes.

As I was sitting there, I noticed a few things. First, I noticed the heat. It was very hot and took some getting used to since my unmentionables had never directly felt such extreme temperatures. Secondly, I noticed the herbal condensation that began to form on my perineum, vagina, and bottom. A very strange, moist, sweaty sensation, but not a bad one. Thirdly, I noticed that I had never in my whole life felt so relaxed! OMG! I could totally feel my whole pelvic region, internally and externally, begin to fully relax! For someone who carries a lot of stress around, this felt amazing! Almost like I was floating on a warm steamy cloud in Heaven. The warm, fragrant, healing steam felt like magic!!  Personally, it was not like a sexual feeling for me, more of a new pleasant experience. Hard to explain. I closed my eyes and let the steam detoxify, heat, and soothe my body and mind!  At that moment, I knew I had to share my experience with other brave women!

I then wondered why I hadn’t heard of this gem of a treatment sooner!  I got my Bajo done at a Day Spa in Long Beach. The owner Yvonne is a healer who trained in Belize for many years with shaman on fertility massages and healing techniques. I did the V-Steam followed by an abdominal Arvigo massage. She recommended that ALL women steam their love boxes once a month!  And although she is something like a miracle worker when it comes to massages, for $150 I think we could BRING THE SPA HOME TO YOU!  Wink Wink.

Written By Savana McGregor for icuskin May 25, 2018

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