We all know the importance of good health. From a good diet, to exercise, we do our best to take care of our bodies.  With that being said, wellness goes beyond what we can do ourselves.
When you hear the word ‘massage,’ what comes to mind?  Does that then follow by you starting to think of terms like “luxury”, “pampered”, “spa”, and “relaxation”?  Yes, massages are all of these things, but that only scratches the surface of what they are really capable of doing for us.
Let’s face it, stress is part of life. When stress gets too much of a hold on you, it can cause an unhealthy buildup of cortisol aka the “stress-hormone.” Psychology Today calls cortisol, ‘Public Enemy No. 1.’
Elevated levels of cortisol can cause depression, anxiety, and other long term mental health problems.
Thankfully, there is a natural way to relieve stress. Cortisol is literally released from our bodies during a massage. When these levels of cortisol go down, our body is more capable of healing itself. This then allows us to breathe easier, and lessen the feelings of anxiety.
Massages not only feel absolutely amazing, they also reduce stress levels. You know what else a massage can do for our mind?  It can improve concentration, help us get a better night’s rest, and also help us feel HAPPIER overall. The human body has a need for human touch.  It’s a gift that we should all allow ourselves to receive.
Besides being beneficial to our mind, massages help us physically.  Our muscles and fascia hold onto traumatic events from our past.  During a massage, our body’s circulation is dramatically increased.  Think of it like a street sweeper.  The massage comes in, and then sweeps away the waste.  This then continues to assist our bodies in detoxing, both emotionally and physically.  This is all needed to continue improving the supply of nutrients to our cells.  It also helps to boost our immune system, by improving our lymphatic system.  Other excellent advantages, include the relief of physical pain, from migraines to injuries, as well as increasing flexibility.  Just that boost in flexibility can also aide weight loss believe it or not.  This all shows how greatly the benefits of a massage indeed go way beyond relaxation.

Written By: Savana McGregor for ICUskin

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