Meet Our Team

A woman with long black hair wearing a black shirt.

Christine Marie

President and Founder

Lives on a high vibration, believes
in God & helping others reach a
higher frequency of life.

A man in white shirt and black tie.

Erik Fleming

Funding Director

Many years of Apple, Tesla,
SpaceX… Advisor to CEO’s and
so much more. We don’t
want to brag…

A woman in black shirt smiling for the camera.

Jo Baker

Project Manager

Encourage others to believe in
themselves, and to strive to do
the best they can do, both
physically and mentally.

A woman with purple hair smiling for the camera.

Raquel Ramer

Creative Manager

Loves being creative and
colorful when designing
something fun. Be colorful!

A woman with blonde hair and white shirt.

Savana McGregor

Marketing Manager

Fundraise, events, promotions,
marketing tools and social
media help create community in
our industry.

Living on a High Vibration!